​Yle Vinil plates

_DSF3750 copia

È stato oltremodo soddisfacente realizzare questi piatti in collaborazione con Yle Vinil. Nei mesi scorsi sono un po’ impazzito per cercare il metodo di lavorazione corretto ma dopo molte prove e ricerche alla fine sono riuscito ad ottenere una stampa fatta con smalti adatti ad uso alimentare – non volevo usare i soliti epossidici bicomponente che, oltre ad accorciarmi significativamente la vita durante la stampa come il minaccioso nome può lasciar intendere, non sarebbero stati certificati per il cibo.
Quindi su questi piatti ci potete mangiare davvero, e potete metterli in lavastoviglie o nel forno a microonde. Anche se io sconsiglio di farlo: secondo me sono più belli appesi che chiusi in uno stipite.

La tiratura è di 30 pezzi; ognuno è stampato a mano e ha qualche piccola imperfezione dovuta al deposito d’inchiostro, cosa che li rende uno diverso dall’altro.

_DSF3758 copia_DSF3756 copia_DSF3754 copia

It’s been very satisfying to collaborate with Yle Vinil for these plates. In the last few months I had a hard time trying to understand the correct printing method but after various tests, in the end, I managed to get a print made with glazes colors suitable for food use, so you can really eat using these dishes and you can put them in the dishwasher or in the microwave. Although I do not recommend doing it, I think they are more beautiful hanging on your kitchen wall than locked in a cupboard…

We made 30 pieces; each one is hand printed and it has some minor imperfections due to the deposit of ink, which makes them different from each other.

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Silkscreen Masters book

My work with CORPOC has been featured in a book called “Silkscreen masters” (Moleskine, English edition) or “Sérigraphie – Secrets et astuces des plus grands sérigraphes” (Pyramyd éditions, French edition)

Some great screenprinters are featured in this book including, inter alia, Lorenz Boegli, Dolly Demoratti of Mother Drucker Studio and Tind. Being part of this selection may help during dark days. Thanks to the guys at Pyramyds/Vetro editions for this.





“Milano”, solo exhibition by 2501 @ Wunderkammern

In March 2018 2501 came to my studio and we worked on his upcoming solo exhibition “Milano”, hosted by Wunderkammern gallery.

Pictures of the exhibition by Wunderkammern
Pictures and video of the frames by 2501

2501 mostra 3

2501 mostra


2501 mostra 2

2501 telaio

You forgot your floaties

A set of prints for Yle Vinil (we traded these for a Necronomicon tattoo, thank you so much)
4 colors, 3 of them (black, yellow and orange) are water-based inks while gold is a double – secret ingredient – layer to get the most of the bling-blingness possible.




Luca Barcellona: a super luxury print on heavy cotton Hahnemuhle paper (produced by CORPOC) and a t-shirt I printed for him.





A set of 4 prints I made some time ago for Avantgarden Gallery. Up to down Ozmo, Scarful, Luca Font and James Kalinda.






Best customer Zed1. Water-based ink, handprinted.



Prints for Squaz and Akab “La soffitta”



A collaboration between CORPOC and: Francesco Barbieri (up), Bergamasterz (down)